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Virtual Onboarding

Virtual Onboarding

Virtual onboarding Efficiency and cost-effectiveness Virtual onboarding offers a streamlined induction process, improving employee engagement and allowing employees to access training materials remotely with 24/7 accessibility. Businesses can significantly reduce administrative overhead by eliminating the need for physical resources like printed manuals while at the same time having the option for scalability. When well-structured, virtual […]

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elearning development to train employees

eLearning Development To Train Employees

eLearning development to train employees eLearning development is effective Are you ready to revolutionise your training methods? If so, elearning is the innovative solution you’ve been looking for. eLearning is a dynamic training approach that uses electronic media to deliver learning content in various engaging formats, such as videos, simulations, and interactive lessons. This method

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Training with an eLearning Lecture Video

Training with an eLearning Lecture Video

Training with an elearning lecture video An elearning lecture video engages employees Training with an elearning lecture video is essential for interactive learning, actively engaging employees and keeping them interested in new material. Research shows that employees who watch video lectures retain more information than those who don’t, enhancing their overall learning experience and boosting

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example of elearning solutions for a business providing engaging and interactive experience for employees

eLearning Solutions for Business

eLearning solutions for business Improve employee training and development with elearning Our Staff training service is one of many elearning solutions for businesses. elearning space offers employees an engaging and interactive learning while being a cost-effective solution for businesses. In an era where companies constantly strive to cut costs and boost efficiency, elearning can be the answer. eLearning

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Interactive eLearning solutions for students using digital education tools in a modern classroom setting.

eLearning solutions for education

eLearning solutions for education eLearning solutions are needed for education Online learning provide learners with a more flexible and personalised learning experience. Digital education tools can supplement traditional instruction material or offer an entirely new elearning experience. When considering elearning solutions for education, assessing your students’ needs and instructional goals is essential. Once your learners’

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eLearning Course Development for Business

eLearning Course Development for Business

eLearning course development for business eLearning needs for your business Creating an elearning course that meets the specific needs of your business can be daunting. However, with the guidance of our highly skilled and experienced elearning development company, elearning space, you can have a custom course tailored to your exact requirements. By considering your business

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Student in a future classroom using VR goggles

Future of the Classroom

Future of the classroom Classroom engagement Will elearning replace the traditional classroom? Can student engagement be improved? What is the relationship between the future of the classroom and learner engagement? Deepak Reddy answered these questions back in 2018, covering three main points, summarised below. However, it’s important to note that the landscape of elearning has

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flipped mastery learning

Flipped Mastery

Flipped mastery learning Flipped mastery learning The traditional classroom model, where teachers deliver lectures and students scramble to jot down notes, has been the norm for years. However, the flipped mastery learning model has emerged as a potential game-changer. This approach empowers learners to master concepts at their own pace, enhancing the accessibility of elearning.

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The elearning toolbox is a collection of elearning strategies

The eLearning Toolbox

The eLearning Toolbox Welcome to the eLearning Toolbox Welcome to our eLearning Toolbox, your one-stop resource for an enriching learning experience. Created by our talented developers, it is packed with the latest industry updates. Within our eLearning Toolbox, we post blogs with industry updates quarterly to meet your needs. We regularly update this collection

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student watching instructor led training on a laptop screen


Instructor-led Screencast elearning strategies Regarding elearning strategies, instructor-led screencasts offer a unique and powerful approach. These are video recordings of an instructor’s computer screen, providing explicit instruction. This method allows learners to follow the instructor’s actions visually, making the understanding of complex software or processes significantly easier. Instructor-led screencasts offer interactive learning experience Instructor-led screencasts are significant because they

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