Paul Williams

two people syncing two cogs to demonstrate a collaboration partnership between facilitator and learner


Facilitator When it comes to elearning, one of the most important skills for a facilitator is the ability to create engaging experiences that keep students interested and motivated. By using creative approaches and incorporating multimedia elements into their lessons, facilitators can ensure that students stay engaged and learn effectively. In addition, they can also help …

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Screencast that demonstrates various elearning strategies

Screencast eLearning Strategies

Screencast eLearning Strategies Description Screencasting provides visual aids to support learning of concepts. There are many excellent education and instructional techniques that have been around for many years that can be applied to screencasting. Adding screencasting to education and instructional techniques help the user better understand concepts. When screencasting, keep in mind the following tips: …

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Static infographic to visualise large amounts of information

Static Infographic

Static Infographic Description As communications professionals, we understand the value of data visualization in presenting complex information clearly and effectively. Static infographics are a versatile way to share complex data with a wide audience. In this blog post, we’ll explore the basics of static infographic design and provide tips for creating an effective visual representation …

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