Paul Williams

3D Animated character

Animated Character

Animated Character Description In a face-to-face classroom the instructor directs the learning environment by explaining the content and explaining the associated instructions to learn. There is an instructor-learner relationship that supports the learning experience.  An elearning character inserted into an elearning experience replicates this relationship. An animated character adds facial expressions and body movements to …

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lifelong learning is learner centric learning


Learner-centric In most organizations, the focus of learning and development is on meeting the needs of the business. However, there is a growing trend toward learner-centred learning, which puts the focus on the individual learner and their needs. This strategy can have many benefits for employees and organizations alike. Here we’ll take a look at …

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Multiple people sitting around a table participating in mlearning


mLearning In today’s corporate world, staying ahead of the curve is key to success. One way that many businesses are accomplishing this is through mlearning, or mobile learning. This refers to the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets for an elearning experience. Thanks to advances in technology, employees can now learn wherever …

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Real life interactive elearning experience

Real Life Interactive Experience

Real Life Interactive eLearning Experience Description In order to create an effective elearning experience, it is important to understand how different aspects of the real world can be integrated into your course. By understanding how to use interactivity, you can create an engaging learning environment for your students.  eLearning experiences can be made interactive with …

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A road sign to choose between a correct and incorrect option

Scenario Learning

Scenario Based Learning In recent years, scenario based learning has become an increasingly popular way to motivate and engage learners. This type of learning involves presenting employees with realistic, hypothetical scenarios and asking them to solve the problems that arise. Unlike traditional instruction methods, which can often be dry and boring, scenario based learning makes …

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