What is an explanimation?

An explanimation is a puppet that guides the learner through the elearning content by providing verbal and visual instructions. This type of explanimation is often called an “explainer video. When most people think of animation, they think of cartoons, but there is a whole other world of animation that is used for business and training purposes. This type of animation is called an explanimation. An explanimation is a short, animated video used to explain a process or concept. They can be used to train employees, introduce new products, or even pitch ideas to investors. Explanimations are so versatile, they have become a popular tool for businesses of all sizes. If you’re looking to create an engaging and informative video, consider using an explanimation.

If you are interested in creating an explanimation or need help getting started, elearning space has a team of talented animators who can assist you. Our team of experts can help you develop your video, write engaging content, and create a beautiful and user-friendly interface. With over 20 years of experience in the elearning industry, we have a team of talented animators and developers who can help bring your product to life. 

How can I use an explanimation?

An explanimation is typically used to explain a concept or process in a concise and straightforward way. Explanimations can be used for training or scaffolding purposes. For example, if you are introducing a new software program to employees, an explanimation can help them understand how to use it. Or, if you are redesigning a website, an explanimation can walk users through the new layout and features. Explanimations are an effective way to communicate complex information in a simple and engaging way.

Practical skill training

Demonstrate a real life practical task

Scenario based training

Dictate different learning options and associated choices

Consistency across training

Provide a familar presence and consistency across training courses

Personalised greeting

Personalise a friendly welcome message with facial expressions and body movement

Live webinar avatar

Create a character to represent you while speaking in front of a live camera

Branded character

Create a character that be represents your brand

Explanimation benefits

Acting as a guide

Explanimations can act as a guide and can be extremely helpful to guide users through the online learning environment step by step

Provide scaffolding

Explanimations provide valuable scaffolding and learning support for learners who are new to a particular topic or task

Provide instructions

By providing both verbal and visual instructions, explanimations help learners to stay on track and understand the content

Promote deeper learning

Present complex content in manageable chunks, so explanimations can explain each concept and facilitate deeper learning

Learn quicker and easier

A learner will learn quicker and easier by viewing visual prompts, listening and reading instructions as opposed to only reading the instructions

Learning outcomes

Learning and retention is improved if an explanimation uses verbal prose to explain the content which coincides with related onscreen written prompts

Explanimation development process

build an explanimation procedure

The explanimation development process is our consultancy procedure for creating high-quality explanimations. It begins with a review of your existing elearning modules (if you don’t have any, we can build them for you). This helps us to understand the main purpose and goals of your course. From there, we create a character that will serve as the narrator for the video. This character is designed to be engaging and relatable, so that learners will be engaged with the content. Finally, we use a variety of different animation tools to bring the video to life. This process ensures that your explainer video is both informative and entertaining.

Explanimation development process explained

Do you have elearning modules?

eLearning modules are any electronic files that have the following goals: objectives, assessments and elearning experiences. eLearning modules come in all shapes and sizes. They can be self-paced or instructor-led. They can be text-based or multimedia. And they can be used for a variety of purposes, from onboarding new employees to providing continuing education for current employees.


If you already have existing elearning modules then is a great start! We will build you an explanimation and then superimpose over the existing elearning modules, in order to provide additional context and clarity.


If you’re not sure if you have existing elearning modules that can be used for your upcoming elearning needs, don’t worry – we can help you figure it out. We offer a comprehensive elearning development service that will assess your current electronic resources and determine what can be used to create a cohesive and effective elearning experience. If there is no existing elearning development, we can first build the elearning modules and then build a custom explanimation to suit your specific needs.


The elearning development process begins with the creation of modules. We will first build your elearning modules using our elearning development or rapid authoring service. Once the modules are created, we will then build an explanimation to provide instructions for the learner. The explanimation will be superimposed over the elearning content to provide a clear and concise explanation of the material. By combining these two services, we will be able to create a highly effective elearning solution that is tailored to your specific needs.


An explanimation is a type of puppet that can be used as a guiding hand for animation. This type of puppet is often used in order to create a character that is specifically designed according to the needs of the user. The main advantage of using an explanimation puppet is that it allows for a great deal of creativity and control when creating an animated character. By using this type of puppet, animators are able to create a wide range of expressions and movements that would not be possible with traditional animation techniques. This makes explanimation puppets an essential tool for anyone looking to create high-quality animations.


When it comes to explanimation, one of the most important elements is the voiceover. The right voice can help to bring your puppet to life and make it more relatable to your audience. Luckily, we have access to an abundance of talented voice artists who can help you to find the perfect match for your puppet. We will work with you to choose a voice that fits your puppet’s personality and then add the voice to the puppet. This will help your puppet to build up personal characteristics and make it more believable to your audience. With the right voice, your explanimation will be able to reach its full potential.


We will create a script that leads the learner through the elearning module. The puppet, voice, and script can be combined to create an explanimation that superimposes the animated puppet onto the elearning modules. This will give the final elearning module a professional look and feel that is sure to engage the learner.

Explanimation development process inclusions

Human character to look like yourself, or how you wish your character to look

Basic animated eye blinks and arms with hands

Bring your own sketch concepts

Single framed animated mouth shapes

Blinks, smile and surprised facial expressions

Arms with an assortment of hand shapes for waving, resting, pointing, fist, or gesture

Create a storyboard that includes a voice over script and associated elearning visual prompts

Select and use a voice artist to read the script and provide a voice over for the character

Option to build a cartoon environment with characters as your elearning environment

Create a story by creating a 2D or 3D animation to improve user engagement

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