Camtasia Templates

Animated infographic used to demonstrate difficult processes

Animated Infographic

Animated Infographic What is an animated infographic? An animated infographic is a powerful and innovative dynamic visual tool that leverages movement and animation to transform information into a engaging and exciting experience. This type of dynamic infographic excels in data visualisation, making complex information more accessible and compelling. Static content is an effective way […]

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Screencst eLearning Strategies

Screencast eLearning Strategies

Screencast elearning strategies What are screencast elearning strategies? Screencast elearning strategies leverage video recordings of computer screens to enhance online education. These strategies transform traditional lectures into dynamic learning experiences by incorporating screencast learning methods such as annotated slides and animated demonstrations. Screencast learning methods focus on the approaches used to present and organise educational content,

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Practical demonstration teaching basic excel skills via a screencast

Screencast Practical Demonstration

Screencast Practical Demonstration Effective use of a screencast A screencast practical demonstration is a digital recording of computer screen activity used to show software applications, websites, or other elearning content. A screencast is the perfect way to show something useful. For example, a screencast is ideal if you’re a human resources professional and must demonstrate

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