Rapid Authoring

Rapid authoring is a process where existing paper-based or electronic content can be manipulated for the elearning space. eLearning content does not always need to be created from scratch. Existing content can be updated quickly—hence the term ‘rapid authoring.’

Rapid Authoring Process

Rapid eLearning Development

We ask this question because if you have either we will get your resources online.

This is any physical written material that can be scanned and saved as an electronic file. Usually a printed booklet or separate pieces of paper.

This is already existing written information saved as an electronic file. Usually a pdf document or slideshow.

We will scan your physical written material and save as an electronic file. These electronic files are then ready for upload to your elearning environment.

Once we have the required electronic files we will begin the rapid authoring process.

Once the rapid authoring process is complete we with upload to an LMS.

The learner is now ready to begin viewing the documents ready to learn the required information.

How Can I Use Rapid Authoring?

Here is an example of how a current paper based business document can be used in an elearning space. A policy document can be scanned, uploaded, and inserted into an rapid authoring computer program to create an elearning module. This module can be uploaded onto an LMS for all employees to access. Videos and quizzes can be added to turn this policy document into an interactive document. Employees can learn the content of this policy document by interacting with the information and associated videos and quizzes. The business can choose from any learning experience in the elearning toolbox to include in the elearning module. We provide rapid development tools for quick cost-effective rapid elearning development.