Providing elearning solutions for individuals, business and education institutions.

elearning space provides a fresh, modern and innovative approach to learning.

We use a range of elearning experiences, selected from our elearning toolbox, to ensure the elearning space is designed to engage the learner.

  • Our focus is to help individuals learn new knowledge and skills using an elearning experience.
  • Our focus is to help employers discover elearning solutions to business development.
  • Our focus is to help education institutions develop elearning experiences to maximise student engagement.

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The advantages

We match your elearning development needs with the appropriate elearning experiences from our elearning toolbox. An elearning development need is a set of goals that a business, education institution or individual is hoping to achieve. If you answer the 8 simple questions this will identify your elearning needs, so we can match up your elearning needs with the appropriate elearning tools from our elearning toolbox.

elearning toolbox

The elearning toolbox is central to our thinking, planning, and advice to clients. We choose elearning experiences from this toolbox to suit our customers need.

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8 simple questions

These questions are designed to get you thinking about the elearning design process. The questions are not inclusive—we will actually ask you a lot more questions—but the answers will tell us your elearning needs. No matter your elearning expertise or experience, if you answer these questions, we will create a proposal specific to your needs.Click here to learn more

Our services

Display space

This display space showcase some examples of work completed by the elearning space team.

The display space includes the following selection:

  1. elearning scaffolding streams that showcase the elearning skills we use to ensure the user is equipped to complete the elearning experience.
  2. Streams that explain our elearning experiences using real examples.
  3. An opportunity to interact with a real elearning experience.

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