Knowledge Check Example

Knowledge Check Example


A knowledge check is a crucial component of any elearning experience. View our Knowledge Check Example. It serves as a learning check-up to ensure that the learner has comprehended the information presented in each chunk of the course. These questions are strategically placed throughout the course to assess the learner’s understanding, rather than to record a score. This requires a correct response before the learner can continue to the next module. Fortunately, there is no limit to the number of attempts the learner can take to achieve a correct answer, and they are free to revisit the content to find the correct information. As seen in our Knowledge Check Example, successful completion confirms that the learner has read and understood the information, and is ready to move on to the next stage of the elearning experience.


In any learning experience, it is important to know that the learner has read and understood the information presented. This is where knowledge checks become an essential part of elearning. When learners are presented with knowledge checks throughout their learning experience, they are kept accountable for their comprehension of the material. Without these vital checks, learners could easily skip through the elearning program without absorbing any of the information presented. In addition to their accountability, knowledge checks help to keep learners alert and engaged throughout the learning process. Without them, learners can easily forget most of what they have learned by the end of the experience. With the inclusion of knowledge checks, learners are guaranteed to actively engage with the learning content and retain the material presented to them.

Interactive Example Explained

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