Evolve Lecture Video Template


An elearning lecture video is the most efficient way to get content across to your audience. The videos follow the traditional lecture style teaching approach where an expert stands in front of the students and covers all the main points of the lesson via a verbal exchange. However, instead of having a whiteboard or any other visual prompt in the classroom to aid with the lecturer’s explanations, the visual prompts are added to the elearning course as static or animated infographics. Instead of the lecture directing any associated questions, the questions are added to the elearning experience to ensure learner engagement. Sounds and music can also be added to create an immersive experience.


The elearning lecture video combines the effectiveness of a lecture video with a webpage style elearning experience. The user can only scroll down the webpage and continue the elearning experience if certain criteria is met. For example the video lecture has to be watched in its entirety, or a question needs to be answered, or interactive activity must be completed. The elearning lecture video template is an important elearning experience because the learner is engaged through video, and the assessor can be confident that the learner has completed or activities.

Interactive experience

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