Who are we?

Education and training should be easily accessible to all people at the lowest cost possible

Our Vision

elearning vision

Our organisation, elearning space, was established in reaction to the growing need for elearning experiences to cater to the ever-increasing diversity of learning styles. We aim to present the individual learner with 21st century elearning experiences required to engage in the learning process. We utilize a toolbox of elearning experiences to cater for this diversity.

It is our vision to provide an elearning experience for everyone (regardless of income, ethnicity, disability, gender, age, religious affiliation, academic ability, giftedness, or education background). We strive to ensure that no one is excluded from accessing learning with elearning space.

The Logo

elearning space

The wireless signal represents the electronic source that makes an elearning space possible. The social cog represents learners interacting with each other and with the electronic learning space. elearning space acquired its name from the virtual location it represents. elearning space is our organisation’s name, but it is also the name for any virtual space where learners participate in the learning process. This is an elearning space.

Working With Us


elearning space has a global virtual office. Our dedicated staff works from any location, use any technology, and operate in any time zone. Most importantly, a global virtual office ensures access to a global network of highly skilled professionals specific to the task. The virtual office also provides a lifestyle choice for our employees. With commute time removed from the day, productivity is increased with more time spent on the job task. In turn, our organisation strives to maximize convenience, accessibility, and communication.