eLearning success manager

What is an elearning success manager?

An eLearning Success Manager, a seasoned professional in the field, is your strategic partner in creating and implementing your elearning strategy. They are not just consultants but experts who work closely with you to understand your unique needs and develop a tailored elearning and LMS plan. Once the plan is in place, they provide comprehensive support and training to ensure a smooth transition. If you’re considering implementing an LMS or want to explore its benefits, an eLearning Success Manager can be your most valuable resource. So, if you’re looking for elearning experts who can help you achieve your elearning goals, we’re here to collaborate with you.

How can I use an elearning success manager?

If you are looking for a new and innovative way to support elearning success within your organization, then look no further than the elearning success manager. This individual will provide advice, support, and solutions to help your eLearning initiative succeed. With their expertise in the field, they will be able to assist with everything from course content development to learner engagement. So if you are looking for someone who can help make your elearning program thrive, then the elearning success manager is the perfect fit!

Curriculum development

Save time and money by reviewing existing information and planning new curriculum development

eLearning implemention

Set a clear plan for elearning objectives, experiences, measurements, and data collection

Future improvements

Advise on future improvements to elearning technology tools, techniques and infrastructure


Efficient and professional personal or group elearning skills training

LMS advice

Support in making the most appropriate choices for an LMS and associated elearning tools

Problem solving

Solve issues with your elearning platform or technology in general

eLearning success manager benefits

Industry experts

At the forefront of our industry, we offer insights on how to best educate and build elearning training with an emphasis in learning management systems (LMS) and e-learning

Project management

We're experts at leading projects across multiple countries. We can lead the elearning/LMS project, or can seamlessly fit into a role alongside your company’s expertise

Collaborative tools

We use a range of online collaborative tools to ensure we communicate effectively and in a timely manner, working together as one team to find creative solutions


elearning space take the time and patience to understand your business needs to create a customized elearning/ LMS growth strategy


Communication is the key to success, and we want you to stay in touch with us no matter where your location is, so there are never any surprises!


elearning space will help you plan the best elearning development goals, which will allow us to provide better guidance in choosing effective elearning solutions

Provide elearning consultancy

eLearning Success Managers provides eLearning consultancy services to help you create and maintain a robust elearning program. Some common features of eLearning development that we take into consideration are: engagement, accessibility, flexibility, scalability and sustainability. By taking these factors into account during elearning development, we can help you create an elearning program that is engaging for your learners, flexible to accommodate different learning styles, and scalable to accommodate future growth. In addition, we can also help you ensure that your elearning program is sustainable in the long-term by providing ongoing support and guidance.

eLearning Strategy

eLearning Success Managers are elearning professionals who help businesses to create and administer successful elearning programs. They can assist with everything from creating an elearning strategy to measuring the efficacy of elearning courses. eLearning Success Managers also have a deep understanding of elearning technologies and can help businesses to choose the right elearning platform for their needs. In addition, eLearning Success Managers can provide staff training on how to use elearning tools and platforms. As a result, they are an invaluable resource for businesses that want to improve their elearning programs.

eLearning success manager inclusions

elearning space consults clients who use a variety of Learning Management Systems. We are able to consult no matter the job. Below is a list of features that are common for LMS management.

LMS white labelling

Home page for LMS introduction

Custom LMS theme template

Groups, categories, and permissions and roles for courses

Courses organisation with associated elearning modules

Student sign up and login process- self enrol or manual

Instructions for administrator and users

Build a certificate with automatic deployment

Gamification strategy and rules

Blended learning options

eCommerce setup

Student evaluation surveys

Link to website using API

Ongoing monitoring of LMS

Virtual training sessions

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