Client eLearning Development FAQ

  1. What is the essence of eLearning? eLearning is a flexible learning approach utilizing digital platforms, focusing more on the learning process than just content delivery.

  2. How does an eLearning course differ from an eLearning experience? An eLearning course comprises multiple interactive experiences, whereas an experience is an individual learning activity within the course.

  3. What does eLearning development entail? It involves planning and creating digital learning experiences, often necessitating resource and gap analysis in existing content.

  4. How to initiate eLearning development with eLearning Space? Start by gathering your existing electronic resources, which we’ll use as a foundation for development.

  5. What does LMS development involve? LMS development is about setting up and customising a learning management system to align with specific elearning courses and learner needs.

  6. What is rapid authoring in eLearning? Rapid authoring is the process of quickly creating eLearning content using existing resources, bypassing the need for extensive development.

  7. How long does eLearning development typically take? The timeline varies but expect a minimum of 4 weeks, mostly involving communication and understanding client needs.

  8. How is the cost for eLearning development determined? Costs depend on the client’s specific needs and learning resources. Contact us for a detailed service overview.

  9. What tools are used in eLearning development? We use various tools like Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Evolve, and video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro.

  10. Do you offer training in eLearning development? Yes, we provide consultancy and training services tailored to your project’s context, including screencasts and regular video conferencing.