An infographic is a visual representation of written text which is used to explain a concept. Bright colours will elegant fonts, big bold diagrams and interactive features will grab the user's attention and promote learning. Aesthetically pleasing and interactive infographics can make mundane written text more exciting and appealing to learn. Infographics can turn difficult to learn written concepts into a visual presentation that is easier to understand.

A static infographic is a stationary image normally a flow chart, diagram or picture. An animated infographic normally has moving objects presented in a visually appealing manner. Interactive off-the-shelf infographics are standard elearning authoring tools and are normally a click to reveal, drag and drop, or a hot spot. The learner can interact with the content and they become involved in their own learning process. Infographics are a visual learning aid to help learners understand basic concepts.

Infographic Creation Process

Build an infographic

Infographic planning must begin with existing learning resources. An infographic is simply a visual representation of the written text. Organised content found in existing learning resources will ensure creating an infographic is more efficient and productive. The content is normally a workbook, or a PowerPoint slide. Organised content contains heading and subheadings which represent concepts to be learn.  It is these concepts that will be transferred into infographics.


Ultimately any information can be transformed into an infographic, but the text still needs to be chosen carefully. Existing learning resources should have range of concepts that build an understanding of the main concept. If the text is organised with heading and subheadings, it will be easy to transfer concepts into an infographic. Tables, diagrams and figures already have this concept hierarchy structure in place which is why they are ideal to transform into an infographic.


Once the information to transfer to the infographic has been selected, the infographic creation process begins. The type of infographic will need to be chosen.

Static infographic is a stationary picture that presents a concept to learn in the form of a graphic, chart, table, diagram or other visual element.

Animated infographic animates the main concepts via moving images, illustrations, or any form of graphic.

Animated off-the-shelf infographic is an interactive image that the user can click to execute an action.

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