Below is a collection of elearning development affiliates we use to develop an elearning space. We have included a brief description of each to inform you how their affiliates contribute to our elearning development. We will use some or all of these services to support your elearning development.

eLearning Development Resources

elearning brother logo authorized affiliate

We are an authorised affiliate.eLearning brothers is a provider of elearning development resources with over 20,000 templates and 500,000 stock photos, graphics, audio, and video assets. We use eLearning brothers because their resources are conducive to the elearning experiences in our elearning toolbox.

We are an authorised affiliate. Digital Puppets are a cartoon character development and animation studio. A digital puppet can be created to act as an instructor for the elearning space. Digital Puppets created our digital puppet, Asimo the Owl. We use Digital puppets because an animated character provides an opportunity for teacher-led instruction to enhance the elearning space.

Learning Management System

We are an authorised affiliate. TalentLMS is a simple, user-friendly Learning Management System that has all the necessary features to create and manage an elearning space. We use TalentLMS because of the advanced elearning functions, which are easy to use for the learner.

We are an authorised affiliate. TalentCards provide a revolutionary approach to elearning. TalentCards encourage nanolearning and mlearning because of the bite-sized chunks of information they promote. We use TalentCards because of the flexibility of learning time they provide and potential to increase learning capacity.

eLearning Development Expertise

EduGrowth believes that Australia has the expertise and ambition to become a world leader in the business of education. EduGrowth is committed to creating a national network across the education sector. We are a member of EduGrowth because we also believe Australia has the potential to become a world elearning education leader.

AeLA focuses on three main areas: a national Australian voice, providing elearning publications, and organising profession elearning development events. We are a member of AeLA because we support Australian elearning development.