eLearning Toolbox

The elearning toolbox is a collection of elearning experiences and strategies. An elearning experience engages the learner in an online learning environment by using the appropriate elearning strategy. Explore each elearning experience to determine how to build a new elearning course, and/or value-add an existing learning program. For each elearning experience, first read the description, second understand the importance, third watch the video and interact with a real-life example. The elearning toolbox is fundamental to our thinking, planning, and advice. Contact us to help you implement your own elearning experience. 

young man ai generated

Ai elearning-sample

Ai eLearning Sample Description Do you want an engaging, effective way to present content through a course? Harness the power of technology to create a

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flipped mastery learning

Flipped Mastery

Flipped Mastery Learning The traditional classroom model has been in place for many years, with teachers delivering lectures and students frantically taking notes in hopes

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student watching instructor led training on a laptop screen


Instructor-led Did you know that you can teach the user explicit instructions through instructor led screencasts and webcasts? By doing this, you can provide a

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Virtual worlds

Virtual Worlds

Virtual Worlds Description Recently, more and more businesses have been using virtual worlds for training and education purposes. They provide a real-life photorealistic environment in

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3D Animated character

Animated Character

Animated Character Description In the modern era of media consumption, animated office characters have become increasingly popular in corporate videos and marketing campaigns. These digital

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Interactive Knowledge Check Cover Page

Knowledge Check Example

Knowledge Check Example Description A knowledge check is a crucial component of any elearning experience. View our Knowledge Check Example. It serves as a learning

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Animated infographic used to demonstrate difficult processes

Animated Infographic

Animated Infographic Description When it comes to presenting information, many people think that the more boring and dry the content, the more likely it is

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Nano Learning

Nano Learning nano learning fits nicely with the busy lifestyle of the modern learner because it splits larger learning programs up into smaller chunks of

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This is an example of an Evolve eLearning Experience

Evolve eLearning Experience

Evolve eLearning Experience Description Do you want to create rich and engaging elearning experiences for your employees? If so, Evolve elearning authoring tool is the

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