eLearning toolbox

The elearning toolbox is a collection of elearning experiences and strategies. An elearning experience engages the learner in an online learning environment by using the appropriate elearning strategy. Explore each elearning experience to determine how to build a new elearning course, and/or value-add an existing learning program. For each elearning experience, first read the description, second understand the importance, third watch the video and interact with a real-life example. The elearning toolbox is fundamental to our thinking, planning, and advice. Contact us to help you implement your own elearning experience. 

boy learning via authentic learning

Authentic Learning

Enhancing eLearning with Authentic Experiences Authentic eLearning: Bridging Knowledge and Experience Traditionally, learning is often seen as a classroom-based process, where students passively absorb information

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man discovering his way with a compass through discovery learning

Discovery Learning

Discovery Learning When it comes to learning, the classroom may come to mind as the traditional setting. However, there is another form of learning called

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elearning course essentials provide a structure

eLearning Course Essentials

eLearning Course Essentials Description Have you ever created an elearning module that wasn’t well-received by your audience? One of the most common reasons for this

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