Explanimation- Asimo the Owl

Explanimation -
Asimo the Owl


As a business owner or manager, explaining complex processes to your employees can be a daunting task. Luckily, there’s a solution that is both entertaining and effective: explanimations. These animated characters break down complex processes into simple steps that can be easily understood by everyone on your team. One great example is Explanimation – Asimo the Owl, who demonstrates how to effectively use an animated character. Not only are explanimations informative, but they’re also engaging, making it more likely that your employees will retain the information presented to them. View our Explanimation – Asimo the Owl example and consider using explanimations to simplify processes and increase productivity in your workplace.


When a process is explained by an explanimation, the concepts and associated process is made clear to the learner. The learner does not have to guess the connection between concepts.  Explaining the process directs the learner towards the correct relationships between concept to form and understanding of the process. When done correctly, explanimations can be an efficient and effective way to learn. It can be used to supplement traditional classroom instruction or as a standalone learning tool. Either way, explanimations can help learners build a strong foundation of knowledge and skills.

Asimo the Owl is an example of an explanimation. Asimo the Owl provides scaffolding for the learner to help them learn the required information. In addition, Asimo the Owl provides instructions so the learner can concentrate on learning the required information. By using an explanimation, learners can gain a deeper understanding of the material and can learn at their own pace.


Watch the video to learn the educational value for this elearning experience.

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