Explanimation Business Man Pointing


Learning a new concept can be difficult, especially if you’re not sure where to start. That’s where explanimations come in. An explanimation is a combination of an explanatory video and an animation, which makes learning a new concept easier than ever. The business man in this example points to the main concepts and explains the concepts, which support learning. Check out this business man explanimation to learn more about the benefits of using them in your business or classroom!


Explanimations are ideal to explain a concept. An explanimation not only presents the facts, but also explains them. elearning experiences are created first and the explanimation is added as an overlay to help explain the course concepts. The explanimation’s body parts can be animated to point towards the main concepts.

The learner is actively engaged in the elearning experience if they are looking, listening and thinking at the same time. This is because the learner is actively constructing new knowledge as they are exposed to various types of information represented by different stimuli. Learning is achieved because the learner is making their own mental connections between the different pieces of information.

The learner’s brain is constantly active as they are taking in new information and trying to make sense of it. If you want your learners to be actively engaged in the elearning experience, you need to provide content that is visually stimulating, auditory rich and thought provoking. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you create an engaging elearning experience that will keep your learners’ brains active and learning.

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