eLearning Development

An engaging elearning space must include curriculum planning that provides a clear link between the elearning activity and elearning objectives. We help you create this curriculum planning or advise on effective elearning planning practices for already existing elearning curriculum. We use the ADDIE model to create business elearning targets which provide a focus for your elearning planning.

Our elearning development begins with asking 8 simple questions. The answer to these questions will determine the elearning development needed and an obligation-free quote will be provided. The quote will include some or all the below:

  • Oversee the collection of already existing information in preparation for elearning development
  • Curriculum development to determine elearning objectives with a clear link to elearning experiences, measurements of elearning objectives, and collection of data
  • Support to select the appropriate elearning experience from the elearning toolbox
  • Support to select from the plethora of elearning authoring tools available to ensure elearning experiences are made possible
  • elearning development needed to create new elearning experiences with associated elearning authoring tools
  • Work with an already existing LMS to fine-tune the elearning curriculum

The ADDIE Model

The Analyse, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate (ADDIE) model has been chosen for elearning space’s elearning development because:


  • It is a long-standing instructional design framework.
  • Many learning and development teams are familiar with the framework, so it makes for better communication.
  • Due to the familiarity of the ADDIE instructional design model, any elearning development will fit nicely with pre-existing learning and development strategies.
  • The linear sequence can easily be understood by all those involved in the elearning development process.
elearning development