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What is an elearning domain?

Choosing elearning domain hosting is a crucial step in the domain setup process, as it sets the foundation for your elearning website. A domain name identifies any website, ultimately identifying that website as related to online learning. A domain name represents your business identity, so the name should reflect your educational focus, look professional, and set the visitor’s expectations by creating a lasting first impression.

Importance of a suitable domain name

Selecting the right domain name and extension is essential for your business image. Our team of experts will consult with you to understand your online learning needs and provide you with the best options. We have curated a list of names relevant to the elearning industry, simplifying your selection process. Contact us to start the conversation, and let us guide you toward the perfect web address for your educational platform.

Uses of an elearning domain

Since registering all possible four-letter .com domain names in 2013 and the subsequent solution, new names have exploded. This means a business can select a name that aligns with its brand image. A unique web address can give your business a distinct online presence, enhance your branding, and set you apart from competitors, thus boosting your online credibility.

Showcase your domain

Create a public showcase website for your online courses with e-commerce capabilities or an internal site for your staff

eLearning course hosting

A hosting provider and the eLearning domain can host all your educational content


Separate your elearning platform from your main website, ensuring each domain has a unique purpose


With a dedicated web address, you can streamline communication using branded email addresses


A branded name can create a clear identity for your business

Entry webpage

Use this domain for a webpage that is an entry point to your training or education courses

Benefits of a dedicated elearning domain


Establish a market presence with a domain name that is relevant to the service and product

Name recognition

Ensure your elearning domain name is consistent with your business name on other marketing material


A registered domain name ensures an online presence, providing legitimacy for your business

Easy to remember

An elearning domain name consistent with your brand will ensure consumers recognise your business quickly

Forward thinking

Choose a domain name and extension that is more descriptive of your business than the traditional .com


Your trademark and domain name can be the same, protecting your legal rights and intellectual property

eLearning domain set up process

buy an elearning specific domain process flow chart

We consider your business type, geographical location, and target audience to help you choose a relevant and affordable domain name. Our services extend beyond domain selection. We can also assist with creating a visually appealing and user-friendly website or integrate your new name into your existing website. We can even add subdomains to cater to different learning groups within your organisation.

eLearning domain set up process explained

Do you have a domain?

We start the process with your domain name. We consider your business type, geographical location, and target audience to determine the best domain name. With this information, we help you choose a relevant and affordable domain name. We can also add subdomains to cater to different learning groups within your organisation.

Transfer domain to host

elearning space offers a web hosting service that is Australian, reliable, efficient, and easy to use. If needed, our team will transfer your domain name and migrate your web content to our hosting service.

Determine domain name

elearning space can help you determine the perfect domain name for your elearning website. We will work with you to understand your elearning goals, objectives, and target audience. With this information, we can help you choose a domain name that is both memorable and relevant to your elearning content.

Create website

We will work with you to create an elearning website that meets your needs and requirements. We will then upload the site to your new domain and hosting provider.

Website goes live

We upload your website to the host, which can be accessed via your domain name. Your website will then be live for the world to see!

Showcase elearning domain names


Skill development, guidance, coaching achievement and knowledge


Forward thinking, revolutionary, high-tech, infinite, cosmic and explorative


Professional, organised, curricular, academic standards and instructive


Good practice, established, organised professional and legitimate


Internet videos, learn by watching, a modern learning approach


Learning, curriculum, improvement, teaching and guidance


Forward high-tech, accessible, thinking and connected


Flexible, hotspot, mobile, learn anywhere and modern

Other elearning domain names




































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