eLearning toolbox

The elearning toolbox is a collection of elearning experiences and strategies. An elearning experience engages the learner in an online learning environment by using the appropriate elearning strategy. Explore each elearning experience to determine how to build a new elearning course, and/or value-add an existing learning program. For each elearning experience, first read the description, second understand the importance, third watch the video and interact with a real-life example. The elearning toolbox is fundamental to our thinking, planning, and advice. Contact us to help you implement your own elearning experience. 

social interactions between people using technology

Social Interactions

Social Interaction elearning, is the process of delivering education and training through digital media. It has become an important part of corporate training programs in

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Static character as a real life picture of a girl standing

Static Character

Static Character Description When it comes to elearning, it’s crucial that learners can understand and follow instructions accurately. Incorporating a static character is a helpful

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Static infographic to visualise large amounts of information

Static Infographic

Static Infographic Static Infographics: Effective Visualization for Clear Communication As communication professionals, we understand the value of data visualization in presenting complex information clearly and

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Articulate Storyline is a powerful tool to create elearning experiences

Storyline Example 2

Storyline Example 2 Description This Storyline example 2 is a powerful tool that can be used to create engaging and interactive elearning courses. One of

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Example cover pic of Articulate Storyline

Storyline Example 3

Storyline Example 3 Description If you are like most companies, you are probably always looking for new and innovative ways to improve your training program.

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Student led elearning

Student Led elearning

Student-led eLearning As technology continues to advance, the modern workplace and education system are rapidly changing. One of the latest trends is the adoption of

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Articulate Rise example that is simple and fully responsive

Articulate Rise Example

Articulate RISE Example Description Responsive design has become a buzzword in recent years, and for good reason. With the proliferation of mobile devices, it’s more

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Game-Based Learning for Effective Education - Engaging students in interactive learning

Use a Game to Learn

Use a Game to Learn Interactive Example Maximizing Learning Potential through Goal-Oriented Elearning and Engaging Game-Based Learning Discover the power of game-based learning for effective

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Written Cues are used in a screencast

Written Cues

Screencast – Written Cues Description A screencast is a digital recording of a computer screen’s output, which can include audio narration. When used for elearning,

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