Flipped Mastery Learning


Mastery learning is not new, but flipped mastery learning has only become possible with the introduction of online learning experiences. Traditionally, the basic idea of mastery learning is for students to learn a skill or knowledge objective before progressing to the next objective. The skill or knowledge objectives become a series to be learned in order of complexity. “In a flipped mastery classroom, students are expected to master concepts before moving on.”[1] elearning space sequences learning into modules with learning objectives, so students can progress through the course to ensure mastery of skills and knowledge.

We design a student-led, self-paced elearning experience, so the learner can learn the knowledge and skill learning objectives on their own without a trainer. These elearning experiences make up the elearning space. Progression through the elearning experiences is conditional on the learner’s correct responses to the questions. A correct response will progress the learner to the next elearning experience until mastery of all learning objectives is achieved. The elearning objectives are designed so the learner can progress through the elearning experience at their own pace. Learners can learn what they want, when they want, and as fast or slow as needed.

[1] Bergmann, John. 2016. Mastery Simplified: Five Tips to Make Mastery a Reality. Accessed February 23, 2017 from http://www.jonbergmann.com/mastery-simplified-five-tips-to-make-mastery-a-reality/