Who are we?

Welcome to elearning space, your premier provider of digital learning solutions for businesses. As an innovative elearning development company, we specialise in enhancing employee training, improving productivity, and helping businesses stay competitive. We offer comprehensive, affordable elearning options that deliver interactive experiences tailored to each company’s unique needs. Our flexible, scalable solutions support training needs, from onboarding to upskilling, allowing businesses to streamline training processes, reduce costs, and achieve measurable results. Committed to exceptional value and superior service, we work closely with our clients to develop customised elearning strategies that align with their goals and drive success in a rapidly evolving world.

Our mission

woman looking off at the distance planning elearning space vision

Our organisation, elearning space, was established in response to the growing need for elearning solutions. As a leading elearning development company, we provide a diverse range of interactive elearning experiences designed to engage and cater to the unique learning styles of every individual.

Our mission is to offer 21st-century elearning experiences accessible to all learners, regardless of income, ethnicity, disability, gender, age, religious affiliation, academic ability, giftedness, or educational background. We ensure no one is excluded from accessing learning opportunities with elearning space.

The logo

elearning space logo

The wireless signal in our logo represents the electronic Wi-Fi connectivity that makes elearning possible. The social cog symbolises learners interacting with each other within the elearning environment. We chose the name elearning space to reflect the virtual location where online learning occurs.

Working with us

Person working for elearning space from any location

elearning space has a global virtual office. Our dedicated staff works from anywhere, using technology and operating in any time zone. Most importantly, a global virtual office ensures access to a worldwide network of highly skilled professionals tailored to specific tasks. This setup also provides a lifestyle choice for our employees. By eliminating commute time, productivity increases as more time can be devoted to job tasks. Our organisation strives to maximise convenience, accessibility, and communication.

We are global!

The below map shows the location of our past clients.

A world map showcasing the global reach of eLearning Space, with pins marking the locations of their clients across various continents.