What is a TalentLMS Set up?

TalentLMS is a simple, user-friendly Learning Management System that has all the necessary features to create and manage an elearning environment. With so many great features it is hard to know where to start. elearning space provides personalised support to:


  1. Determine most appropriate TalentLMS subscription
  2. Determine most appropriate TalentLMS set up
  3. Create a new TalentLMS portal
  4. Review an existing TalentLMS portal
  5. Provide instructions and guidance to encourage self-management of the TalentLMS portal

TalentLMS Set up

Below is our TalentLMS Set up process.

flowchart lms portal
If you already have a TalentLMS subscription we can monitor your portal. We will offer advice for improvement and complete any necessary changes.


We will provide free advice to determine the best TalentLMS subscription plan for current and future needs.

We will determine the best TalentLMS set up using your answers to the 8 simple questions.


  1. We present a wireframe that outlines the main features for the TalentLMS portal, branches, courses and units.
  2. We present a style tile that outlines the colours, font size and type for the TalentLMS portal, branches, courses and units.
  3. We present a prototype that includes a fully operational TalentLMS portal, branches, courses and units.

We create your TalentLMS portal based upon the feedback from the wireframe, style tile and prototype.

TalentLMS help videos

Below is a selection of TalentLMS help videos to get you started.

These streams and many more can be viewed at the TalentLMS YouTube channel.