Real Life Interactive eLearning Experience


A real-life interactive elearning experience is powerful elearning experience used to interact with the real world. In this example the user is asked to use social skills and communicate with work colleagues by asking questions and completing a survey-type response. The responses are collated, and a score provided. This score is needed as part of the elearning experience.


This real-life interactive elearning experience is a combination between an online activity and a real-life task. By combining a practical task with online instructions learning is improved because social skills are required to complete the activity. Learning is ultimately a social experience, and elearning does not have to replace this, instead if social engagement and elearning can be combined this creates a powerful elearning experience.

Interactive experience

Select a number from 1-5 for each row in the elearning course below. A score will be calculated on the last slide.

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