What Is Off-the-shelf?

The term “off-the-shelf” refers to an elearning module that can be purchased with a pre-determined set of learning objectives and associated learning experiences. We can incorporate off-the-shelf learning modules into the elearning space without alteration. We will then value add the off-the-shelf elearning module by adding our own elearning modules with specific elearning objectives and that match the needs of our client. This process ensures that the off-the-shelf modules add value to our clients elearning objectives.

Off-the-shelf eLearning Development Process


We value add off-the-shelf elearning modules by either creating new elearning objectives, or strengthening existing elearning objectives.

With elearning objectives already existing it is likely that you have already considered elearning. We want to encourage and support existing processes to improve your elearning strategy.

Our first step in the elearning process is to help you develop elearning objectives.

elearning objectives are important because they give the elearning experience a focus, given us a target to aim for.

With clear, measurable and reportable eLearning objectives the appropriate off-shelf-modules will be chosen. The off-the-shelf modules will contribute to achieving the elearning objectives.

With off-the-shelf modules selected the elearning development begins. elearning experiences will be selected from the elearning toolbox to ensure the learner is engaged in the learning experience.

We will upload the off-the-shelf elearning modules and the eLearning toolbox elearning experiences to either our LMS or your LMS.

The elearning environment is now ready to be accessed.

Off-the-shelf Options

We offer two off-the-shelf learning options: 1) individual elearning modules that can be uploaded to your own LMS, 2) Compliant Learning Resources offer entire qualifications that can be adapted to an elearning environment or used as a stand alone accredited or non-accredited course. If any of these options below don’t fit your needs we are happy to make the required changes using our consultancy service.

eLearning Modules

Full Qualifications

Do you need help deciding?

Contact us if you need help to decide the best learning resource to fit your needs.