The Rise of the Millennials

The Rise of the Millennials

Millennials accessing elearning via mobile devices

The millennial generation is generally referred to people born between 1982 and 2000. This time period began with a computer desktop as uncommon, but ended with a computer is almost every household. The late 1990’s saw a rise in emails, and the use of mobile phones for communication purposes. Perhaps the biggest change was the usefulness of the search engine to find relevant information. The technology skills developed by millennials during this time period laid the foundation for the social media platforms that were to follow in the 2000’s. The millennial generation arguable went through one of the biggest technological changes in human history.

Some common characteristics of the millennial generation are:

  • Millennials are tech-savvy and prefer to learn through technology
  • They are often visual learners and prefer multimedia content
  • They like to be social and collaborate with others
  • They are impatient and want information quickly
  • They are more likely to be self-directed learners
  • They value flexibility and convenience in their learning

The millennial generation not only went through a dramatic technologic change, but they acquired the skills needed to adapt to the new elearning environment. This generation can adapt to the elearning environment better than any previous generation. View our eLearning Toolbox to try some elearning experiences to engage the millennial generation.

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