The facilitator is so important to an elearning space. A facilitator is skillful at using a toolbox of learning experiences to ensure student engagement. A facilitator’s main aim is “to offer support and advice when needed and to provide the necessary scaffolding and teaching of skills when necessary.”[1] A facilitator is not just a teacher, a trainer, or lecturer: a facilitator is all of these roles simultaneously. A facilitator guides students though the learning process to ensure they learn the required content. Support is provided to ensure students understand the online content first and secondly provide learning experiences that give the student opportunity to demonstrate their newly acquired knowledge.

[1] ACER, 2016. The teacher as a facilitator and resource person. Accessed February 18, 2017 from https://www.teachermagazine.com.au/article/the-teacher-as-a-facilitator-and-resource-person

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