An explanimation can be a cartoon character that guides the learner through the elearning content by providing verbal and visual instructions. This ensures the learner does not get lost within the elearning space. If a user can read and hear the instructions while viewing a demonstration, it further promotes learning. An explanimation will be created by Digital Puppets in the form of a 2D or 3D cartoon character, and the explicit instructions will be created by us in consultation with the client. Click here for more information about Digital Puppets.

Explanimation Creation Process

elearning modules

An elearning module is any electronic file that has elearning objectives, learning experiences, and assessments.

We can use already existing elearning modules. The guiding hand is superimposed onto the elearning modules and saved as one file.

If no elearning development exists, then click here for more information about how to get this started.

Before an explanimation can be created, elearning modules must first be in place. The explanimation is a guide that helps the learner understand the elearning tasks.

A puppet is an animation that can be used as the Guiding Hand. Our partner, Digital Puppets, can create a character of your choice. Click here for more information.

We have access to an abundance of voice talents. We will support you to choose a voice to match your puppet.

An Instructor-led learning experience is an essential element of an elearning space. We will create a script that leads the learner through the elearning modules.

The puppet, voice, and script can now be combined to superimpose the animated puppet onto the elearning modules. The final elearning module will be saved to create one file.