Explanimation – business person pointing

Explanimation Business Person Pointing

Introduction to explanimations

Learning a new concept can be challenging, especially if you need help figuring out where to start. That’s where explanimations come in. An explanimation blends an explanatory video and animation to simplify the learning process. It combines visual and auditory elements to break complex ideas into more understandable parts. The business person in this example points to and explains the main ideas, effectively supporting the learning process. Explore this example of an animation business person pointing out the benefits of using these tools in your business or classroom.

Explanimation highlighting main facts and concepts

The importance of an explanimation lies in its ability to point to and emphasize the main facts and concepts, making learning more accessible for the learner. By visually guiding the learner’s attention to critical points, the explanimation ensures that essential information is highlighted and understood. This method enhances retention and helps learners grasp complex ideas quickly. This supports learning by breaking down information into manageable and comprehensible parts.

Explanimation business person pointing

If learners look, listen, and think simultaneously, they are actively engaged in the elearning experience. This active engagement helps learners construct new knowledge as they are exposed to various types of information represented by different stimuli, making mental connections between different pieces of information. The learner’s brain remains constantly active, taking in new information and making sense of it. To ensure your learners are actively engaged in the elearning experience, providing visually stimulating, auditory-rich, and thought-provoking content is essential.

Technology and tools for creating explanimations

Adobe After Effects — a powerful tool for creating motion graphics and visual effects, After Effects allows you to animate characters, text, and other visual elements to build engaging explanimations. Its extensive library of plugins and integrations offers flexibility for complex animations.

Vyond — an online animation software that simplifies the creation of explainer videos. It provides a range of customizable templates and characters, making it easy to produce professional animations without requiring advanced animation skills.

Toon Boom Harmony — known for its high-quality animation capabilities, professional studios use Toon Boom Harmony to create intricate and detailed animations. It offers robust tools for both frame-by-frame and rig-based animation.

Powtoon — a user-friendly platform for creating animated presentations and explainer videos. It offers drag-and-drop functionality, pre-built templates, and a variety of animation effects to create engaging videos quickly.

Create effective explanimations

elearning space can assist you in creating effective and engaging experiences that enhance your educational content. Our expert team is experienced at using advanced animation tools and techniques to produce high-quality, visually stimulating, and interactive explanimations. Whether you need to develop explainer videos for your business or classroom, we have the skills and resources to meet your needs. Contact us for more information, and let us help you create impactful elearning.

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