eLearning Lecture Video

An elearning lecture video is the most efficient way to get content across to your audience. The lecturer can convey enthusiasm, emotions, and excitement for the content, which will influence the learners' motivation. If the lecturer is excited about the content, then it is more likely the learner will also be excited.

An elearning lecture video will value-add to the traditional lecture style. We can add visual prompts such as main points that fly onto the screen, animated infographics, or diagrams that support the lecture. While the lecturer is speaking, the visual prompts will support the main concepts which ultimately supports learning. The lecturer can provide detailed discussion about each main point or infographic that flashes up on screen or explains a diagram in detail.

We will fully brand the elearning lecture video. We will liven up the presentation by creating an animated introduction, multiple transitions and an animated conclusion. This could include a tune, sound effects, and animations. We also add questions throughout the video to ensure learners maintain engagement. Finally, for lengthy videos we can separate into further videos, to aid the learner’s recall of information. All of this combined provides an engaging elearning experience.

eLearning Lecture Video Process

create an elearning video

This is where the elearning lecture video planning must begin. Organised content will ensure the proceeding development will be more efficient and productive. The content is normally a workbook, or a PowerPoint slide. The benefit of having content organised with headings and subheadings is it easy to build the script and add the associated visual prompts.


Review our elearning development service. If no learning resources exist there are two options.

  • Hire us to help you organise your existing content. Click here to view our elearning development services.
  • Organise the content internally ensuring there are headings, sub headings and associated content.

We will review the learning resources to identify content that can be transformed into verbal prose which will become the script. We also identify content to be transformed into visual prompts. We match the script with the visual prompts.


The next step is to review the content and identify the main concepts to turn into visual prompts and match the script’s verbal prose. We will use the content from the learning resources and create infographics. We will create a storyboard that aligns the script with the visual prompts and any other associated assets.


A person/s reads the script in front of a camera. A green screen, noise cancelling microphone and camera are needed. Although, a quality mobile phone records the lecture satisfactory. The person will read the script from a tablet or laptop with a teleprompter positioned about 2-4 meters away. Although, a PowerPoint containing the script could also be used. Alternatively, we can organise an actor to read the script, or build a puppet and add a voice over. The lecture is saved as a video file ready for us to edit.


The storyboard will be used to direct the video editing. The visual prompts will be added to the correct time stamp that corresponds to the verbal prose. A branded animated introduction and conclusion will be added. If needed, we will also add transitions, associated subheadings and any extra assets.

We will create a script that leads the learner through the elearning modules.


The final lecture video will be inserted into an elearning authoring tool to be saved as SCORM/xAPI or inserted as a standalone video into a Learning Management System. Either way, the elearning video is only part of a elearning experience. The video will be used to support other elearning experiences in the LMS.

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The cost to build an elearning lecture video is dependent on many factors outlined below.

Beginning from $2500 

* Prices are GST exclusive for Australian clients and GST free for international clients.