elearning development prices

Slides to be created

51-500= $4,000*

501-1000 = $8,000

1000+ call us for a quote
  • Complete the ADDIE Model with client
  • Provide a client-specific elearning business plan
  • Provide a storyboard
  • Provide a wireframe
  • Provide a style tile
  • Provide a prototype
  • Develop the elearning experiences in Adobe Captivate 2019
  • Deliver elearning experiences in appropriate file eg SCORM
  • Use other elearning development software as needed eg screencasting
  • Add documents to elearning experiences eg downloadable pdf
  • Provide client with accessible staging site for viewing
  • Provide client with shared online project timeline for client monitoring and feedback
  • Provide client with online shared folder containing all work completed for client access
  • Integrate elearning experiences with a Learning Management System
  • Distributed tasks and expertise between client and elearning space (if applicable)
  • Create a rigorous process to track student engagement and performance (if applicable)
  • Explore the need to develop new curriculum (if applicable)
  • Create students survey to evaluate student engagement (if applicable)
  • Collect and compare enrolment data vs completion data (if applicable)
  • Support and develop staff elearning development skills and leadership (if applicable)
  • Develop elearning resources that promote the importance of elearning (if applicable)
  • Implement Universal Design for Learning strategies for each elearning module (if applicable)
  • Face-to-face and virtual workshops to up skill staff in elearning development (if applicable)
  • Collect data to determine literacy and numeracy level and/or a disability of users (if applicable)
  • Create Individual Education Plan for students with literacy and numeracy level and/or a disability (if applicable)

* Prices are an approximate only. A detailed quote will be provided in response to the 8 Simple Questions and/or initial conversation.

* Prices are GST exclusive for Australian clients. Prices are GST free for international clients.