eLearning Development

An engaging elearning environment must include planning that provides a clear link between the elearning experience and elearning objectives. We use the ADDIE model to create business elearning targets which provide a focus for your elearning planning. Our elearning development begins with asking 8 simple questions. The answer to these questions will determine the level of elearning development needed and an obligation-free quote will be provided accordingly.

The ADDIE model

The Analyse, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate (ADDIE) model has been chosen for elearning space’s elearning development because:


  • It is a long-standing instructional design framework.
  • Many learning and development teams are familiar with the framework, so it makes for better communication.
  • Due to the familiarity of the ADDIE instructional design model, any elearning development will fit nicely with pre-existing learning and development strategies.
  • The linear sequence can easily be understood by all those involved in the elearning development process.
elearning development