Display space

This display space showcase some examples of work completed by the elearning space team.

elearning scaffolding streams

Below are examples of the elearning scaffolding streams linked to our elearning modules. We guide the learner through the elearning experiences found within our elearning modules. Click here to view more examples found at Asimo the Owl’s elearning scaffolding YouTube channel.

  • 5.1 Show Me send an email introduction
  • 5.2 Show Me Write a memo instructions
  • 0 Introduction to elearning strategies
  • 1 Keywords

elearning experiences explained

Click a stream below for an explanation of the educational value for each sample elearning experience we use to design our elearning modules.

  • The importance of feedback
  • Use a game to learn
  • Real time electronic survey
  • Knowledge Check
  • Badges
  • Certificate

elearning interactive experience

Click each image below to interact with a sample elearning experience.