An engaging elearning space must include curriculum planning that provides a clear link between the elearning activity and elearning objectives. Our elearning consultancy service can help you create this curriculum planning or advise on effective elearning planning practices for already exisiting elearning curriculum.


Our consulting service begins with asking 8 simple questions. The answer to these questions will determine the level of consultancy needed and an obligation-free quote will be provided accordingly. The consultancy quote will include some or all the below:

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elearning space consults clients who use a variety of Learning Management Systems. We are able to consult no matter the job. Below is a list of features that are common for LMS management.

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Our consultancy service is tailored towards the exact need of a specific business environment or training organisation. The price of our consultancy service depends entirely on these needs. Contact us for a friendly chat followed by an obligation free quote.