Industry Updates

Student Led elearning

Student Led eLearning We design a student-led, self-paced elearning experience, so the learner can learn the knowledge and skill learning objectives on their own without a trainer. These elearning experiences make up the elearning space. Progression through the elearning experiences is conditional on the learner’s correct responses to the questions. A correct response will progress …

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Gamification and Mastery of Skills

Gamification and Mastery of Skills Gamification is an extension of flipped mastery learning. As student progress through their elearning objectives, and achieve mastery of skills and knowledge, he or she “levels up.” As an elearning objective is achieved, the student will receive a badge. According to Merriam-Webster, the word gamification “refers to the incorporation of …

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Facilitator The facilitator is so important to an elearning space. A facilitator is skillful at using a toolbox of learning experiences to ensure student engagement. A facilitator’s main aim is “to offer support and advice when needed and to provide the necessary scaffolding and teaching of skills when necessary.”[1] A facilitator is not just a …

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Gamification Should education and training become a game? Gamification describes the process of applying game-related principles to learning content. Learn More

The elearning toolbox

The elearning toolbox Quarterly, we will be posting deals, blogs, and industry updates to the elearning toolbox to satisfy your elearning needs. For example, an elearning experience created with the Evolve elearning authoring tool creates the best user experience. Watch the video to see why the Evolve elearning experience is such a pleasure to …

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LMS Supporting Distance Learning

LMS Supporting Distance Learning We believe that LMS can support distance learning and can further hold, develop and sustain the educational system across the globe. This pandemic has greatly affected the worldwide education system and has been continuously affecting the economy, which results to most educational institutions to close down. But having an edge of …

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Benefits of LMS for businesses

Benefits of LMS for businesses Learning Management System not only applies for educational institutions. Businesses, small or big corporations, can also benefit from elearning. Keep everything well organised and accessible within your workplace and even at home. Here are the four benefits of having elearning (LMS) in your business. Learn More

Digital Natives

Digital Natives Tach savvy learners still require stimulation and empowerment. Read this article to learn four tips on how to plan your elearning experience to suit the new generation of learners. Learn More

Engaging Digital Natives

Engaging Digital Natives A world without electronic devices seems unfathomable. Who are the Digital Natives? What are the new rules for learner engagement? Learn More

Future Classrooms

Future Classrooms What is the state of the current classroom? Will online education replace classroom education? Can the two coexist? View the below website for a description of a future classroom. Learn More