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Nano Learning

Nano Learning nano learning fits nicely with the busy lifestyle of the modern learner. nano learning splits larger learning programs up into smaller chunks of information. elearning objectives are created for nano learning modules which are only 3-5 minutes in duration. “Each module can be completed…when it best suits the user. Together, they form an …

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Real Life Interactive eLearning Experience

Real Life Interactive Experience

Real Life Interactive eLearning Experience Description In order to create an effective elearning experience, it is important to understand how different aspects of the real world can be integrated into your course. By understanding how to use interactivity, you can create an engaging learning environment for your students.  eLearning experiences can be made interactive with …

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A road sign to choose between a correct and incorrect option

Scenario Learning

Scenario Based Learning In recent years, scenario based learning has become an increasingly popular way to motivate and engage learners. This type of learning involves presenting employees with realistic, hypothetical scenarios and asking them to solve the problems that arise. Unlike traditional instruction methods, which can often be dry and boring, scenario based learning makes …

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two people syncing two cogs to demonstrate a collaboration partnership between facilitator and learner


Facilitator When it comes to elearning, one of the most important skills for a facilitator is the ability to create engaging experiences that keep students interested and motivated. By using creative approaches and incorporating multimedia elements into their lessons, facilitators can ensure that students stay engaged and learn effectively. In addition, they can also help …

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Screencst eLearning Strategies

Screencast eLearning Strategies

Screencast eLearning Strategies Description Screencasting provides visual aids to support learning of concepts. There are many excellent education and instructional techniques that have been around for many years that can be applied to screencasting. Adding screencasting to education and instructional techniques help the user better understand concepts. When screencasting, keep in mind the following tips: …

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