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Written Cues

Written Cues

Screencast – Written Cues Description Learning via a video (or stream) ticks all the boxes when it comes to an engaging elearning experience. Learners have the ability to replay, rewind and fast forward to view according to their learning needs. Auditory and visual prompts are embedded in the video to support the content. Prompts focus …

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Evolve eLearning Experience

Evolve eLearning Experience

Evolve eLearning Experience Description Welcome to a pleasurable elearning user experience! This template follows the essential elearning course structure including introduction, main content, questions and conclusion. However, as opposed to the traditional click-button elearning course, this elearning experience is displayed in a webpage format. The webpage format improves readability because the user is free to …

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Interactive Contents Page – link to page

Interactive Contents Page – link to page Description An interactive content page contains headings that provide an outline for all elearning sections, also known as chapters. A user selects these headings and is automatically transferred to the section. Each section will contain information related to the overall elearning topic. Located at the end of each …

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The Importance of Infographics

The Importance of Infographics Description To display more complex data or information with a simple graphical or pictorial representation. Importance An infographic is an important elearning feature for both the creator and the user. The creator may have complex tables, charts, or diagrams that contain too much information to be displayed. An infographic can summarize …

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