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Game-Based Learning for Effective Education - Engaging students in interactive learning

Use a Game to Learn

Use a Game to Learn Interactive Example Maximizing Learning Potential through Goal-Oriented Elearning and Engaging Game-Based Learning Discover the power of game-based learning for effective education. Embrace goal-oriented elearning with games to unleash your learners’ full potential. This type of learning for effective education not only enhances knowledge and skills but also cultivates problem-solving, strategic

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Written Cues are used in a screencast

Written Cues

Screencast – Written Cues Description A screencast is a digital recording of a computer screen’s output, which can include audio narration. When used for elearning, videos provide learners with the ability to replay, rewind and fast forward according to their learning needs. Visual and auditory cues are embedded in the video to support the content.

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This is an explanimation of a business man pointing

Explanimation – Business Man Pointing

Explanimation Business Man Pointing Description Learning a new concept can be difficult, especially if you’re not sure where to start. That’s where explanimations come in. An explanimation is a combination of an explanatory video and an animation, which makes learning a new concept easier than ever. The business man in this example points to the

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6 trends in elearning development

2015 eLearning Trends

2015 eLearning Trends Source: CommLab India Here is a video from 2015 outlining the then future elearning trends. Watch the video and then reflect on the summary of each trend below to determine if the predictions were true. Trend 1: Curriculums – It is still important to organise your content into a learning pathway. Trend 2: Short Learning

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boy learning via authentic learning

Authentic Learning

Enhancing eLearning with Authentic Experiences Authentic eLearning: Bridging Knowledge and Experience Traditionally, learning is often seen as a classroom-based process, where students passively absorb information from a teacher. Whilst effective in some respects, this method can fall short in linking the knowledge gained to real-life experiences. A more dynamic approach is authentic elearning, which enables

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