Paul Williams

Student in a future classroom using VR goggles

Future Classrooms

Future of the Classroom Will elearning replace the traditional classroom? Can student engagement be improved? What is the relationship between the future of the classroom and student engagement? Deepak Reddy asked these questions back in 2018 by covering three main points summarised below. Read the full article here. The Current Classroom — Lack of engagement …

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The elearning toolbox is a collection of elearning strategies

The eLearning Toolbox

The eLearning Toolbox Quarterly, we will be posting deals, blogs, and elearning industry updates to satisfy your elearning needs. We regularly update our eLearning Toolbox which is a collection of elearning experiences built by our talented elearning developers to improve learning outcomes. The elearning industry is continuously adapting new technologies to elearning experiences. elearning …

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3D animated character located within a virtual world

Virtual Worlds

Virtual Worlds Description Recently, more and more businesses have been using virtual worlds for training and education purposes. This is because virtual worlds provide a realistic environment in which employees can learn new skills or improve on old ones. Businesses are now using virtual worlds for employee training, and this number is only going to …

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Contents page pop has links to easily navigate an elearning course

Interactive Contents Page – link to page

Interactive Contents Page Description As elearning courses become more popular, it is important to find ways to engage your learners and keep them interested. One method of engaging learners is to create an interactive content page that contains headings that provide an outline of the elearning course. This will help learners stay focused on the …

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