Articulate RISE Example


This elearning course template was built in Articulate RISE to achieve full responsive design. In today’s world an elearning course needs to be viewable across devices including on all applications, Learning Management Systems, and website browsers. Responsive design refers to the ability of an elearning course to adjust to the size of the user’s screen so the required information can be understood.


People today are increasingly mobile. Add to this, the ever-increasing number of mobile devices available for Internet access. Add to this, the large number of mobile applications, browsers and Learning Management Systems available to access information. All these requirements combined is the reason why an elearning course must be responsive across mobile devices. Learning can no longer be restricted to one desktop computer at a set time. Instead, learning is improved if the user can access the course at anytime, anywhere and on any device. A non-responsive elearning course could not be viewed across devices which is why a responsive elearning course is essential to improve learning outcomes.

Interactive experience

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