Month: April 2020


Interactive Contents Page – link to page

Interactive Contents Page – link to page Description An interactive content page contains headings that provide an outline for all elearning sections, also known as chapters. A user selects these headings and is automatically transferred to the section. Each section will contain information related to the overall elearning topic. Located at the end of each …

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The Importance of Infographics

The Importance of Infographics Description To display more complex data or information with a simple graphical or pictorial representation. Importance An infographic is an important elearning feature for both the creator and the user. The creator may have complex tables, charts, or diagrams that contain too much information to be displayed. An infographic can summarize …

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Future Classrooms

Future Classrooms What is the state of the current classroom? Will online education replace classroom education? Can the two coexist? View the below website for a description of a future classroom. Learn More

The Future of Learning

The Future of Learning Watch this video to compare traditional learning and the future of elearning. This video also outlines how elearning can be used to engage the learner. Learn More

From the Past

From the Past Here is a video from 2015 outlining the then future eLearning trends. Watch the video to determine if the predictions were true. Learn More