Gamification Trends

Gamification- learners learning via gamification

A gamification elearning strategy rewards the learner when certain learning outcomes are achieved, ultimately improving learning results. It is like the days when a student was rewarded with a lolly for answering a question correctly. The only difference is that today we can use elearning to provide the rewards. For example, a learner may receive a badge for passing a quiz, or level-up once a course is complete. A reward-based game can provide the user with intrinsic motivation to learn the content and obtain the result needed to gain a reward. The use of gamification in elearning is on the increase.

FinancesOnline highlight 3 key gamification trends you should know.  The first trend is the increased benefits of gamification and how learning is improved. The second trend outlines the increased growth rate for people using gamification in their elearning experience. The third trend determines how gamification is changing organisational employee training outcomes. Select the link below to read more about how these gamification trends are shaping the future of elearning.

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