2015 eLearning Trends

2015 eLearning Trends

Source: CommLab India

Here is a video from 2015 outlining the then future elearning trends. Watch the video and then reflect on the summary of each trend below to determine if the predictions were true.

Trend 1: Curriculums – It is still important to organise your content into a learning pathway.

Trend 2: Short Learning Modules – This is essential for today’s elearning courses because work life is just as busy as in 2015, if not more. Byte-sized modules allow the learner to learn small chunks of information relatively quickly.

Trend 3: Responsive Learning Design – Still true today. If anything, the need for elearning courses to be built for responsive design is even greater today. With the increase in the number of mobile devices also comes the need for an elearning course to be responsive to any screen size.

Trend 4: Convert FLASH courses using a rapid authoring tool – Yes, this process is still ongoing for many businesses, but most have already converted their FLASH courses to a SCORM or xAPI file using a rapid authoring tool.

Trend 5: Translations – More important today than in 2015. As the global work force increases, so does the need to produce elearning courses in multiple languages.

Trend 6: Use elearning for customers – Still very important today. Notice how almost every SaaS product has a help section that includes instructional videos of how to use the product and/or service.

Note: The ability to improve the actual screencast has improved significantly since 2015. Today, it is easier to add animations, jingles and animated infographics. Also, the computerised voice over technology has become much better.

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